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Bryan Vreeland

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Bryan Vreeland

Bryan Vreeland is a freelance artist/ illustrator based in Wisconsin. Heavily influenced by artists from the 90s era, Bryan's art is known for a vast amount of detail and mainly specializing in comic book, pin-up, pop culture, Sci-fi, and fantasy. No idea or concept is too big or too outrageous to tackle, as he believes people should get the art they want and pay for. Being a freelance artist you can see his art across many types of media as he has done projects such as: cd covers, band promo flyers/pieces, magazine covers, clothing, comic book covers and interiors, web page designs, and toy and game designs just to name a few. The excitement of someone's face as they see their art for the first time is one of the biggest reasons Bryan does what he does... making people a memory and something someone can cherish. Keep a look out as Bryan is in the process of working through and completing the start-up of his long awaited comic, "Native Force'. Native Force features Native American lore, magic, culture, and stars a female lead geared to be a little bit of something for everyone.

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