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Brittany Lindstrom

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Brittany Lindstrom

Brittany Lindstrom is a traditional media illustrator and sculptor working under the studio name Spice & Rose. Her work has been featured by Equestria Daily, Game Grumps, Mortem3r, and Super Echo Bear. She has also been a guest at numerous conventions, including Snake River Comic Con, Crystal Mountain Pony Con, and Gem State Gaming. Since 2010, she can be most commonly found behind tables in the artist alley, warm drink in hand and generally refusing to leave.

Lindstrom holds a degree in the History of Art and Visual Culture, which comes in handy when discussing the aesthetic merits of technicolor Equestrian females. She has also presented at the Intermountain West History Conference, discussing how recent disasters have impacted Japanese art. 

To see Lindstrom's work and upcoming events, please visit the following links.

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