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BREED is an internationally recognized freelance artist. His art has been featured by UpperDeck Co./Marvel, IDW, Counterpoint Comics, Stranger Comics, Action Lab Entertainment, Red Stylo Media, Unstoppable Cards LLC, and MNS Cards.

He has enjoyed over 23 memorable years as a freelance artist, writer, and animator specializing in Sequential/Storyboard/Concept/Sketch Art working for varied comic book, non-sports card, gaming, TV&movie production companies.

His most recent work can be found in the pages of "Notti & Nyce", gracing the cover of "Athena Voltaire", in the upcoming 'soon to be announced' major collaboration with Marat Mychaels and Adelso Corona, and both the "Grimm's Fairy Tales"and "Marvel Premiere '19"series' being produced by UpperDeck Co./Marvel. He's been most notably featured in the "Marvel Masterpieces 2018"trading card series and the recently released "Chaney Legacy" series from MNS Cards. And if you're lucky you may find one of his highly sought after, hand-crafted, original sketch cards in sets of "Gerry Anderson"and "T2: Judgment Day"collections from Unstoppable Cardsout of London, UK.

He draws endless inspiration and non-stop motivation from his amazing girlfriend and their four incredible children (and one awesome grandson)! BREED has always had a love for things geeky, nerdy, artistic, and imaginative. It began in his youth with playing every Atari 2400 game he could get his hands on and sitting mesmerized in front of the TV while Sid & Marty Krofft, classic Universal monster movies, G.I. Joe, ThunderCats, and Macross cartoons lit up the boob tube! Then in 1984 on a rickety spinning metal rack at the local J.J. Newberry's he found the "hobby" that would change his life forever.....comic books!

BREED's love and admiration for comic books and the talented individuals that create them has been instrumental in his development as an artist. When he's not feverishly hard at work in his sunny Southern California home studio you can find BREED creating and exhibiting his art at comic book conventions, galleries, and art shows across the United States and overseas.

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