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Bonkers for Beanies

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Bonkers for Beanies

Sherry Stevens-Wilkins, woman, mother, daughter, sister, lover, journalist, ex combat medic, disabled vet, proud to be an American. 

For 15 years, Sherry Stevens-Wilkins worked as a freelance journalist, exclusively covering war zones.

After years of globetrotting, she decided to come home to give birth to her son in her native State of California. 

No longer willing to travel, Sherry decided to start her own home based business. 
Tired of everything being made in China, she decided that it was time to take America back! 

One specialty beanie, one soap, one zombie repellent, and yes, even one Minion at a time... 

She doesn’t have a problem with China per se, she just feels that more things should be made in America. 

Bonkers for Beanies = MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE USA

She is an ASPCA “Angel” and her products and crafts are never tested on animals. 

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