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Baroness Von T

Baroness Von T

Baroness Von T has been building costumes since she was 6. She's always been obsessed with Halloween, crafting meticulous costumes to celebrate the season each year and always wishing she could dress up every day! Its a wonder it took her so long to find Cosplay! In 2014, she wore her very first Cosplay to a convention. She was approached by a very small child, hugged and called a hero in her Princess Leia gown and has been hooked on Cosplay ever since. Baroness Von T now travels the country hoping to give others the courage and motivation to build or buy and wear their own cosplay creations!  She enjoys teaching others the skills needed to make bigger and better cosplays on a budget as well as talking to folks about making cosplay a positive experience for everyone!
Baroness Von T has also been a professional special FX makeup artist for 5 years, working for movie productions and some of the countries largest haunted attraction companies. She worked for Full Moon Productions for 2 years at The Beast & Edge of Hell haunted houses in Kansas City and is now an FX artist for Cedar Fair and spends every September and October bringing the Haunt actors at Worlds of Fun to life. She also does several movie productions every year and works with multiple photographers to bring FX looks to life for both Film and Photography!
Make sure you check out her Intro to FX Makeup class this weekend, or just stop by her booth to chat, ask questions and explore the wonderful world of Cosplay with new friends!


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