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Astird: an Office cover band

Astird: an Office cover band

" Have you seen every episode of The Office multiple times? Do you watch it for comfort before you go to sleep, when you have 20 minutes to kill, or when you’re sad? Do you recite catchphrases, inside jokes, or quotes from the show with fellow Office fans? Have you muttered “that's what she said” more times than you care to admit? Then you’ll love New Orleans' own Office cover band, Astird!

Astird was founded in 2017 by New Orleans musicians Denna Ameen and Ben Polcer. Both huge fans of the show, Denna and Ben decided to pay homage the only way they knew how: through the music. They constructed a dynamic and entertaining stage performance out of the show's greatest musical moments, weaving in visual cues and jokes and encouraging crowd participation throughout.

Other musical Dunderheads joined the band, and the expanded lineup quickly amassed a cult following at shows around New Orleans; their hilarious and heartfelt renditions of beloved Office musical moments are connecting with fans from as far away as Scranton, PA. "

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