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Art by Gabe

Art by Gabe

Gabe Bush is a freelance illustrator based out of San Antonio, TX, who has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Whenever he had a pencil and paper in hand he was either drawing his favorite superhero or making up his own. Today is no different, except now most of his work is done digitally but that doesn't mean he has totally abandoned creating art the traditional way (theres no beating good 'ol pencil and paper). His digital work focuses mostly on portraitures, ranging in styles from cartoony to realistic. Every now and then you will also see influences in his art from two of his favorite iconic illustrators from long ago—Alphonse Mucha and Norman Rockwell.

When he's not face first in front of a monitor or sheet of paper, he is loving and soaking in, every minute he can spend with his wife and three wonderful—and also very artistic—kids. He also does his best to make sure he gets in some running and exercise time. And after all that is done. . . he tries to fit in some sleep.

You can find his work here,

but you will usually find him loitering around instagram posting his art or sharing his adventures in running.

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