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Annie M. Pasquinelli

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Annie M. Pasquinelli

Annie has been a dedicated fan of superheroes and a devoted Christian ever since she was a little girl. Her passion for stories of truth, justice, and love stayed with her as she grew in her walk with Jesus and her development as an artist of all trades.

As she matured, she saw that living the Christian life and donning a cape and mask weren’t all that different - in fact, they are fraternal twins of fighting the good fight - and she wondered why there weren’t more faith-based superheroes in popular media. Therefore, she decided to put her God-given talents to work in that very arena. And the calling could not have fit more perfectly.

Her superhero team known as The Fearless Nine has found its home in a young adult book series that is perfect for cape aficionados of all sorts, from blockbuster film fanatics to classic comic book lovers. She also shares her love of the other arts each week on her YouTube channel in the form of silly shorts, artist advice, and music videos.

Find all Annie's content and more on the Fearless Nine website:!

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