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Anna Zhuo, also known under ANN4RT, is a self-taught, freelance artist that does both traditional and digital art, specializing in watercolor/mixed media! She is an entrepreneur and also operates a local TCG game store. Her work consists of styles from your classic 90's anime/manga and modern age comics! Artgerm, Jim Lee, Mattina, and Turner are her inspirations. She started drawing anime/manga work and has recently been introduced to the world of comics. Her most recent comic work is as a colorist for limited edition Heavenly Blues #1 Variant edition that debuted in NYCC 2017. Anna started her exhibition journey in 2016 and has been going from show to show selling her art and commissions to fans who wishes to add them to their collection! Always eager to learn and explore further into the industry, she hopes one day to be a published artist and be an inspiration to all young/new artists.

You can follow her work:

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