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AngelSVisionS - KittyWorks

Artist Fashion Designer

AngelSVisionS - KittyWorks

Angel Egle Wierenga is a full time artist. She creates her paintings with acrylics on wood panel or canvas, and sometimes she likes to work with other media as well.  
Art has always been her biggest passion. She has painted everything you can imagine and has explored many different media, but most of all, she loves painting animals.  
Angel came to United States in 1999, and since then she has been residing in Orlando, Florida.  Angel's husband, Daniel, has been her biggest support through her most difficult times, and now he is her biggest help with printing, merchandise production, and events that they travel to and attend together. 

Angel has been sharing her artwork throughout the United States and around the world for more than 15 years and continues her journey as a POP artist today. Her latest series of Pop Culture Cats, called "AngelSVisionS - KittyWorks", has expanded in the past few years, and has been her greatest success! 

You can find her artwork at PIQ Gifts and gallery, Universal CityWalk, Orlando, or you can catch her at Convention Events, that are listed on her website at:

Upcoming Shows for AngelSVisionS - KittyWorks