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ANDY SZAF is an Artist, Writer, Musician and Creator of the “POWER ANIMALS” Comic Book Music Band.

Professionally Andy has worked on various projects throughout his career, most notably designing Video Games on WCW Wrestling featuring Hulk Hogan, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash) and many others, along with some minor work in Commercial Advertising and Movies. Andy also briefly worked at Calabash Animation producing animated commercials for Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms, Trix the Rabbit, and The Honey Nut Bee.

In Game Design Andy has 15 published games to his credit and specialized in producing Character Design, Concept Art, World Building, Cinematics, Art Direction and Game Technology Consulting. He also briefly worked at DRAFT FCB (which is one of the oldest and largest advertising companies in the world) storyboarding and 3D Animatics for TV Commercial Pre-Visualizations on the SC Johnson product line.

Andy is an Alumni from the American Academy of Art with a degree in Fine Art and Illustration.

Fast Forward to the Future. After working on so many successfully published games Andy is going back to his roots creating original Comic Art, Concepts, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art !

The Power Animals Music Project is a Genetically Modified Animal Band featuring Original Artwork and Metal Songs. Stay Tuned….MeOW.

Upcoming Shows for ANDY SZAF