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Andre Gower

Andre Gower

Andre Gower 

 Starting at 5 years old, André appeared in print modeling and television commercials; over 100 of those later, he moved into tv and film,  including T.J. Hooker, Night Court, The A-Team, + The New Twilight Zone with some of film & television’s greatest: George C. Scott, Fred Astaire, and William Shatner to name a few. He is also known as Sean in the cult-classic The Monster Squad which is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. 

Andre is currently creating, developing and producing multiple tv & film projects with major studios, networks and online outlets under his production banner FITTERPIPER ENTERTAINMENT. 

Andre enjoys winning Trivia Nights around L.A., iced tea, heated yoga, iand takes his whiskey with sparkling water. That’s right. Sparkling water.


Monster Squad

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