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Alex Cosplays


Alex Cosplays

Alabama based cosplayer, Alex, started cosplaying with her twin sister around the age of 11, but took a 5 year hiatus over the years before the duo made their comeback to the cosplay world in 2016. After working in scene shops, tech departments, and winning awards for her tech work in theatre competitions, Alex brings the tech aspects to the table between the Tag Team duo. She has started her journey in armor craft through patterning, detailing, and prop making. She performs best when styling dramatic wigs and applying cosplay makeup. She believes that cosplay has no type and should be for fun. "Hate in the cosplay community confuses me. I don't think I'd ever hate seeing a Batman cosplay, accurate or not. If someone is passionate enough to work hard to bring a character I love to life, how is that a bad thing?" She believes cosplay is amazing because there is no age limit, no height or weight requirement, and no limit to the imagination. Through cosplay, she hopes to connect with and inspire others by bringing beloved characters to life as best she can!


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