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Alayna Robinson

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Alayna Robinson

I'm a 28-year-old substitute teacher who also happens to be a fandom convention artist and creator. I hand-sew leather steampunk wrist cuffs, decorate them by hand as well, and make them universally adjustable without needing buckles or snaps. Chokers, steampunk or otherwise, are also home-sewn by me and decorated by hand as well. In addition to the steampunk products I make, I also draw realistic portraits of anime characters in graphite, and their cutesy chibi equivalent in digital form. Add that together with the original fantasy character series I draw and you are left with a miscellaneous grouping of creativity. I say that I have creative ADHD, so I switch from one craft to the next, and that is how I created my studio name: Miss Alaynious Creations! 

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