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Agnes Garbowska

Agnes Garbowska

Agnes Garbowska was born in Poland and came to Canada when she was four years old. She currently resides in the States where she continues her work as a Comic Artist.

Being an only child she escaped into a world of books, cartoons, and comics. Fueled by all the imaginary worlds her interest in art grew.

Agnes has worked with many of the major comic book publishers illustrating such titles as DC Superhero Girls for DC Comics, My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms for IDW, Grumpy Cat, Boo: the World's Cutest Dog, and Li’l Vampi  for Dynamite Entertainment, Sonic Universe Off-Panel Stripes for Archie Comics, and Victories for Dark Horse. She has worked with Marvel Comics, providing artwork for Girl Comics and Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special. She is also the artist for the 2014 Halloween Comic Fest comic, The Adventure of Ernie from Aspen Comics.

In addition to interior art, Agnes has been working as a cover artist for many IDW titles including My Little Pony, Jem and the Holograms, Transformers, Clue, G.I. Joe, Powerpuff GirlsSamurai JackDexter’s Laboratory, and Littlest Pet Shop series. In addition to her IDW work she has illustrated cover art for many Dynamite Entertainment titles including Boo: World's Cutest Dog, Grumpy CatRed SonjaLi’l Battlestar GalacticaLi’l ErnieLi’l Bionic KidsLi’l Red Sonia, and Doodle Jump. Her cover work continues to other companies, illustrating covers for Aspen Comic's new series Kiani, as well as SoulfirePsycho Bonkers, and Damsels in Excess.  Agnes has also done cover work for Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) and Unity (Valiant).

Her own personal projects involve a series of all-age web comics. You, Me, and Zombie follows Olive and her dog Otis in a zombie filled world. Waking Up Abbey is a story about a girl named Abbey who wakes up each morning with a new special power. Lastly Imagination Stationinvolves three friends who imagine their whole world as a huge space adventure. These web comics have been collected into a book, the MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1, which is available online on on Amazon. She has also illustrated the web comic Boo Bear and Flo. It is a fun whimsical adventure story about a girl and her bear part of Saturday Morning Webtoons.

In addition to comic work, Agnes has done illustration work for Topps on a number of their Mars AttacksStar WarsIndiana Jones sketch cards.

Also work for Cryptozoic Entertainment on their Superman The Legend trading cards. As well as children’s book work for a Canadian children’s book company called Pdoink involving the bubbly and fun Yogurt the Ogre and his friends.

Twitter: AgnesGarbowska

Instagram: AgnesGarbowska

Facebook: AgnesGarbowska.Art



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