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Adelso Corona

Adelso Corona

Adelso Corona is a Queens, NY born and raised comic book artist currently residing in South Florida. He’s worked for all the major comic book publishers as an inker/finisher and has penciled and inked numerous covers and pinups for some Indie publishers as well.

Recent projects include inks over penciler Rob Liefeld on ‘Deadpool: Bad Blood’  for Marvel Comics, with Marat
Mychaels on ‘Brigade’ for Extreme Studios/Image Comics and Sajad Shah on ‘Zindan’ for Roaring Sun Studios while also penciling and inking his own Covers for ‘Salvagers’ published by Think-A-Like Productions.

Here’s a list of some of his credits….

Deadpool Corps, Deadpool: Bad Blood (Marvel)

Hawk & Dove, Deathstroke and Grifter New 52 (DC Comics)

Brigade,The Infinite,Youngblood (Image Comics)

Shaper (Darkhorse Comics)

The Phantom (Moonstone)

Zindan (Roaring Sun Studios)

Salvagers (Think-A-Like Productions)

Numerous Zenescope covers including Tales of Oz, Grimm Fairy Tales and Wonderland …also inks on titles from IDW (Jinn Rise) , Boom Studios (Farscape) and Contraband (Blindside)


Deadpool: Bad Blood



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