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Nan Mcadam


Nan Mcadam

Nan McAdam spent her childhood living a whimsical life full of fantasy and imaginary friends. When she became an adult, reality set in and bills and a mortgage were a fact of life. As Nan pursued the brass ring of business, her imaginary friends stood on the shelf and grew very dusty and lonely.

Nan has always enjoyed writing and entered the field of nonfiction to enhance her business and caregiving life. She developed a blog,, and an elder care blog, Nan’s first published nonfiction novel, Surviving the STRESS of Your Parents’ Old Age, is a book about her journey through elder care. It was published in 2013.

As luck would have it, her imaginary friends became restless and demanded her attention. They stomped their feet and said, “If you can write about your life as a caregiver, you can give us equal time!” Nan’s first fantasy novel, geared for the tween and young adult, became a reality. Saving Mim, the first book in the Charlie Kadabra, Last of the Magicians series was published in February 2015. A delightful and exciting tale about a young tween boy on a quest to save the Land of Magic, called Mim, has tweens and adults clamoring for more. The second book in the series is, The Secret Key of Mim, published in January 2016. The third book in the series, Invasion of the Soul-Eater in Mim, was published in January 2017.

Imaginary friends are a jealous and troublesome lot.  When Nan isn’t fulfilling their nagging needs perched over the keyboard, she spends time with her husband, 3 adult children, 2 adorable grandchildren, and two fur-babies who answer her back with barks, and lots of doggy kisses. 

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