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Aaron Lambert


Aaron Lambert

Aaron Lambert is a Cincinnati based artist specializing in comic and pop culture art, his work utilizes a traditional style with a bright and bold color palette.

Aaron was born on a hot summer night inside the treacherous volcano walls of parts unknown. On that steamy July day baby Aaron was given a choice to either bring joy through art or rule the world with an iron fist.  Clearly choosing world domination, Aaron was struck from the heavens by the finger of God with a rudimentary artistic ability, an ability he would have to mold and perfect everyday through hard work and ninja training.  

Knowing his skills were not perfect and would never be, Aaron moved his training to the University of Cincinnati DAAP program where his Sensei's forged his dull abilities into a deadly weapon.  After gaining the approval of the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Electronic Media and Fine Arts, Aaron went off to work with various video production companies as a videographer and video editor which allowed him to create projects for Jack Hanna, Proctor and Gamble and numerous other clientele.  Now Aaron is back to his roots following the mysterious path that awaits and he is ever so ready with his bright and bold color palette with a vast array of styles and techniques at his disposal.

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