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Aaron Damon

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Aaron Damon

Aaron Damon Porter believes that in order to be truly serious about life, it is necessary, at times, to be completely ridiculous. Truly, how can you know what to take seriously unless you know how to laugh?

Mr. Porter has been making his living as a full-time artist in New Orleans since 2011. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from University of California at Santa Cruz, where he studied traditional techniques in oil painting, and independently studied gouache and encaustic painting. Moving to New Orleans in 2008, Aaron gradually shifted to acrylic mediums, as necessitated by working increasingly in the plein aire environments of Jackson Square and Pirates Alley permitted artist zones. His work can also be found at a number of shops around New Orleans, as well as online at

Aaron has also been illustrating an original fairy tale series called Desdemona’s Dreams, with his writer-friend and collaborator Z. W. Mohr. The first two volumes of this series are now in print and widely available through and their website, Both volumes have won the annual Outstanding Children’s Illustrated book of the year from the Independent Authors Network (IAN). Along with developing illustrations for Volume 3 of Desdemona’s Dreams, Aaron is also currently working on publishing his own series of children’s picture books based on his iconic dinosaur characters.

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