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A Smile and A Song Cosplay

A Smile and A Song Cosplay

I am a Florida based cosplayer who has been making costumes and playing with makeup for 7 years. When I started cosplaying, I was making my costumes out of hot glue, literal trash, old cut up clothes, and the cheapest wigs eBay could offer. Now I'm patterning my own costumes and learning new techniques for sewing, foam work, sculpting, casting, and wig work with each new costume. I've always wanted to be something more fantastical than a boring old human, which is probably why all of my cosplays have been some kind of alien or mythical beast or otherworldly being. Most of my cosplays feature elaborate special effects makeup and body painting and I pride myself in my growing ability to use makeup, wigs, prosthetics, and costumes to transform myself into my favorite fantasy characters


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Rocket Fuel