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8-Ball Graphix Animation Studio

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8-Ball Graphix Animation Studio

Shawn Martin Simpkins is the second child born of two proud parents. Although he was not a planned pregnancy, his parents chose life a he was born but not before the challenge of reviving him after being wrapped in his navel cord. 

As Shawn grew he showed great talent in art and music, working with his hands and using his imagination. Years to come would bring music recitals, choirs, and recognition in his self taught abilities in art and story writing. In the 1990’s, Shawn befriended a few cartoonist and later would assist and support them with their projects and ventures. After many years of following the normal average years of life and career, Shawn finally decided to take a chance and follow the road less taken and start an animation company and create his own cartoon series. 

Shawn has had no formal schooling or training in this field, outside of studying music both piano and voice. His knowledge is all through his love for art, animation, cartoons and filmmaking. 

Upcoming Shows for 8-Ball Graphix Animation Studio

Rocket Fuel