Below are answers to some of the most frequent questions we get asked.
If you have more questions, reach us at [email protected]

A Wizard World Signature Series consists of ten Virtual Events with a common theme. Events are livestreamed and later available for watching on demand. All Signature Series are livestreamed on the Wizard World platform with a tremendous amount of variety, including cast reunions, one-on-one interviews, concerts, workshops, Master Classes and much more!

There are different pricing levels for the Signature Series. Each of the different pricing levels provides a specific amount of access and bonus items.  The following are links to the different Signature Series so that you can see what comes with each package:

Wizard World Signature Series Presents Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Wizard World Signature Series Presents Nostalgia

Wizard World Signature Series Presents Animation

Each Signature Series is sold separately.  So, for example, if you purchase the Horror Signature Series, your access will be for that Series only and all future Series will need to be purchased separately.

Series and Event codes are sent out within 24 hours of purchase and will be sent by email to the email address that you used for the purchase.

Admission sales to the Events close 30 minutes prior to each Event’s live panel.

Yes!  You will be provided with a code to access all prior Events.  Even when an entire Series is over you can still purchase the entire Series to watch the Events On-Demand.

Signature Series Bonus Boxes are shipped within 4-6 weeks of purchase. 

Yes. You would have to purchase any of the Signature Series ticket options to allow you to purchase any of the additional Virtual Experiences.

To watch a Live Stream, you will need to purchase a Signature Series ticket for that event. Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will be emailed detailed instructions with how to access the Live Stream. This will be sent to the email address that you used for the purchase.

Vault and Virtual Event FAQs:

Shipping estimates provided by USPS or other delivery carriers are in addition to the time it takes us to process and fulfill the order. 

For items from our Vault, fulfillment times will vary depending on which fulfillment location they are shipping from and the nature of the item. Custom items will likely take longer to fulfill versus items without customization.

For Virtual Event purchases, you can find delivery estimates in the item description. Note that these are general estimates and may vary depending on total ticket sales, the talent’s schedule, and other factors.

Once an order is ready to be shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation via email that includes your tracking number.

Note that international shipping may incur customs fees at the time of delivery.

If you have any questions about an order, please email [email protected] and include your order number.

Video Chats and Virtual Photo Ops will be done via Zoom, so we recommend creating a free account on zoom.us using your web browser or downloading the Zoom app on your phone. Note that Zoom does tend to work better on a computer or tablet versus a phone, especially for non-U.S.-based customers. If you want to practice using Zoom, you can join a test meeting here – https://zoom.us/test

For Photo Op fans, because the photo will be taken from the Zoom call video stream, we recommend testing your device’s camera with Zoom and making sure the lighting looks good before the session. For example, it’s best to have your primary light source either in front of you or to the side, not behind you. Play with the angle of your camera and/or adjust your position until you are happy with how everything looks. You can test this in Zoom by joining a test meeting and playing around with your setup here – https://zoom.us/test

The day and time for the session is listed on the event page for your Virtual Event. You can buy chats and photos with multiple actors, even if the day and time is the same. When we send the Zoom links and instructions, we will let you know how to complete Video Chats and/or Photo Ops with multiple actors who are scheduled for the same day and time. If there are multiple actors who are having their sessions on the same day and time, we may make a slight adjustment to stagger the start times. 

If you wish to have a longer chat, you may buy multiple tickets with the same celebrity to extend your chat time. As long as each ticket is purchased under the same name and email address, we will combine your chat time. 

There is not a specific time assigned for each fan. Think of it like waiting in line for an autograph. Everyone gets in line at the same time and everyone gets their own chat (or photo), but you may have to wait a bit for your turn in the queue.

It is important that the Zoom name matches the name we have listed for your purchase, so that the host knows who you are. We cannot let anyone into the Zoom chat who we don’t recognize from our list. If the ticket will be redeemed by a different person, or if you use a different name on Zoom, please email us with the correct Zoom name and your order number so that we can make note of this information. If you are unsure about what name you use on Zoom, sometime before the Zoom meeting, log into your Zoom account or the Zoom app to see what name is listed for your account. If the name is something generic such as, “iPhone,” please go into your settings and update your Zoom account with the correct name.

The final Video Chat and Photo Op information and instructions are typically emailed to you the night before, to the same address used to make the purchase. If you can’t find that email, make sure to check your spam, junk, or promotion folders. If you don’t receive the instructions by 2 hours before the chat session, please email [email protected]

For talent who consents to having their chats recorded, you’ll have the opportunity to buy a video of your chat if you so choose. When we send out the Zoom links and instructions for the chats, we’ll include pricing information and links where to buy chat recordings (when applicable). Pricing varies depending on the celebrity.

Times are listed in both Pacific (PT) and Eastern (ET) time zones. If you are in Mountain time, add 1 hour to the time listed for Pacific time (PT). If you are in Central time, add 2 hours to the time listed for Pacific time (PT). 

For other time zones, you can use your search engine of choice and type in, “What time is it right now in Los Angeles,” to find out how many hours ahead or behind Pacific time it is where you are located. If, for example, the current time is 10 AM in Los Angeles, and it is currently 6 PM where you are located, you are 8 hours ahead of Pacific time, so you would add 8 hours to the start time listed for Pacific time (PT). For fans in Europe, Asia, or Australia, this may actually be the next day for you, so please keep an eye out for the correct date for your Event as well. 

Instructions should be for what you would like the actor to say or talk about. It is a good idea to include the name of the person to whom the video should be addressed. (You may also want to include how to pronounce the name if it isn’t readily apparent from the spelling). You can either be very specific in your instructions, or just provide some general instructions/questions. Note that it is up to the actor’s discretion if there is something requested that they don’t feel comfortable recording, or to tailor the message as they see fit. There is a 250-character limit on these instructions. 

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital asset of a physical object.  

In other words, NFTs are digital representations, or “tokens,” of physical objects, such as paintings, art, posters, books, collectibles, etc.  NFTs are unique in nature and, therefore, cannot be replaced by another identical item, meaning it is not, “fungible.”  

Being an NFT owner, means that you have full ownership over your digital representation, or “token,” and no other item of the exact kind will exist.  

With traditional, physical collectibles, whether it be baseball cards, comic books or memorabilia, having the original item is special.  NFTs create that space for collectors digitally.  

By buying an NFT, collectors assume complete ownership of the unique, original item.  The record is stored onto the blockchain and publicly displays your proof of ownership. For passionate collectors, this verifies authenticity and originality. Collectors and fans can digitize their collectibles and memorialize them indefinitely, without the natural wear-and-tear that comes with physical items.