Yanick Paquette

SPECIAL GUEST (Artist - Batman; Superman; Wolverine: Weapon X; Wonder Woman; Amazing Spider-Man; Young X-Men)

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Yanick Paquette


Yanick Paquette is a Canadian penciler in North American comics. He has worked for Antarctic Press, Topps, DC Comics and Marvel Comics since 1994.

Among the titles Paquette has worked on are Adventures of Superman, Areala Warrior Nun, Avengers, Codename: Knockout, Gambit, Gen, JLA, Negation', Power Company, Space: Above And Beyond, Superman: The Man of Steel, Terra Obscura, Tomorrow Woman, Transmetropolitan: Filth of the City, Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer, Wonder Woman, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Civil War: X-Men.

Paquette was the regular artist on Ultimate X-Men from February 2007 to January 2008, and for the first five issues of Young X-Men in 2008. He later supplied the art for Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 (August 2010), teaming up again with Grant Morrison. He is currently the artist on Batman Inc., which marks his third collaboration with Morrison.