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UltimaCon is an Anime, Gaming and LARPing Convention that seeks to cater to a variety of interests such as Japanese culture and animation, video gaming, tabletop miniatures and collectible card gaming, Live-Action-Roleplaying, and other intertwining interests. We are a group run by extremely dedicated, talented, innovative and capable volunteers seeking to provide a multitude of exhibitions, events, interactive panels, discussion and educational panels, and guests to the fans of these interests. We will continue to strive to provide the best convention experience possible.

Memorial Day Weekend (May 25th through the 27th) of 2012 will be UltimaCon's premiere event, held at the exquisite Sheraton New Orleans, located on Canel St, adjacent to the historical French Quarter. We plan to feature such events as cosplay (costume + play) contests consisting of skits and walk-ons, a live concert from one or more bands, two different styled dances along with a formal ballroom dance, exhibition/dealer's room, artist alley, charity auctions, AMV showings, fashion show as well as audience interactive events such as Anime Dating Game, Anime Idol, an Improv show, Anime Game Show, Karaoke, various tabletop and video gaming tournaments, and many LARPing events. We will be offering a wide verity of fan-ran panels ranging anywhere from cosplay workshops to fandom based panels to industry and art related themes. In addition to these specific events, UltimaCon will have rooms open all weekend for such actives as table top gaming, arcade gaming, console gaming and LARPing. While we are offering a wide variety of entertainment, we also hope to promote an understanding and education for Japanese culture and foreign cultures in general while providing a safe atmosphere for social networking along with encouraging attendees to participate and excel in various arts and crafts such as textiles, theatre, material carving, drawing and painting, dancing, and music just to name a few.