Tyler Jacobson

(Artist - Magic the Gathering)

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Tyler Jacobson


After graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, having studied Illustration in their Masters Program, I have been pursuing a career as a freelance illustrator as well as a concept artist for a couple years now. I particularly love the genre's of Fantasy and Sci Fi and have geared much of my work in that direction. Sci Fi/ Fantasy has fired my imagination since I was a small child and hope to continue working in the genre for a long time. I have worked for such clients as Wizards of the Coast on their D&D and Magic the Gathering properties, as well as Fantasy Flight Games and Paizo. Other Clients include Rolling Stone Magazine, Texas Monthly, Simon & Schuster, Scientific America, Penguin Group, and Tor Books. I currently reside in Renton, WA, having recently moved from the Bay Area in California.