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Vendor list is subject to change without notice.

Art, Craft Items & Decals

Darwin & Wallace: A Nature and Fossil Store

We cater to the naturalist, explorer, and adventurer at heart by providing Fossils, Skulls, Skeletons, Bones, Taxidermy, Minerals, Jewelry and Decor.

Colorworld Books

Follow me (Rachel E. Kelly) & my family as we travel around the US selling books, making friends with artists, changing the world!

Amourable Art

Amourable Art is handmade watercolor prints of unique, beautiful, modern art.

Fan Groups, Fan Cars, & Photo-Ops

Speed Racer Mach 5 / Little Dude's Garage PGH

Speed Racer's supercharged Mach 5 is an automotive machine incomparable to any other on the racing circuit!

1966 Batmobile

The most recognizable Batmobile, live and available for photo-ops!

'Batman' Batcycle

Replica of the 1966 Batcycle from the 'Batman' television show.

Jewelry & Accessories

Sparkle! Designs

We design nerdy jewelry for everyday wear! From hand hammered charm necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings to our gorgeous licensed art pendants we know you'll find just the right piece to wear at the con and all the days that follow!

Literary Alteration

The place for all your fandom jewelry and unique handmade items.

Toys & Collectibles

Gadgets aNd Collectibles

Gadgets and collectibles for geeks!