Ryan McClure

(Creator - Waking Wally Street)

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Ryan McClure


Ryan McClure is a Chicago native comic book creator & artist. After hanging up his boots and packing up his spandex, this former independent professional wrestler (Chandler McClure) picked up a paintbrush and started creating. For the past 3 years Ryan has focused on developing a custom designer toy brand, Rocketboy Customs. His designer toy work has been featured in galleries across the United States.

Recently, Ryan McClure has gained attention as the creator & illustrator of the recently launched first issue of the comic book series, Waking Wally Street. After his death, Wally finds himself in a world run by animals who seek the genocide of humans. Under the constant fear of being spotted, Wally must find a way to survive while he tries to understand this new culture that reflects the mistakes of humanity in our current world.