Roderick Thornton

(Founder - Angel Comics)

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Roderick Thornton


Rod was raised in Fish Creek a tiny community in central Texas until the age of 12. He then returned to Houston to live with his mother and his path was set as of then. Early on it was apparent that he was destined to become an artist winning blue ribbons in the Houston live stock show and rodeo art contest for the next five years. He also was given the opportunity to sing (Ben, By Michael Jackson) at Jones hall with the Shearn Elementary choir.

His love of the arts has always been apparent in one way in another. Be it through music (which he writes and composes), martial arts or as a comic book Artist/creator.
In 1987 he joined the military reserve and later became a Houston Firefighter where he received two citizen awards and a Citation of Valor.

In 1993 Rod was in a car accident that shattering his leg in six places, after two and half years and five surgeries, his career path was changed as a Houston firefighter. He was moved to public relations where he taught fire safety was then given the opportunity to become the Assistant Chaplain for the department. Rod has had his challenges, but his deep Christian Faith and basic love of people have seen him through these times.

It was from these events that The Angelic Wars were created.

Although he has just recently retired from the Houston Fire Department, he is now ready for the next chapter to unfold.
Angel Comics is that venue, from which there is passion and endless opportunity to touch so many. Let the journey begin!

Note from Rod:
It's been a long hard road but I feel that we are finally ready to begin this journey. I hope you like what I have to share as my life's work. I believe that you will be entertained and intrigued by the art and message that lie with in the stories.