Rhodrick Magsino

(Co-Creator & Writer/Director - Little Brass Bird)

**Please check your city’s home page for guest appearance days!**

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Rhodrick Magsino


Rhodrick started his professional artistic career in 2006 as a post-production sound engineer & composer for indie films and reality television all around Chicago, LA & New York . His zombie short film Dead Resin was screened in a number of festivals around the country and is currently being distributed through Digital Shadow Films Distribution, LLC. His life took a drastic change when he got a part time job with the Shawnimals, LLC design studio in late 2007. The designer toy world was new, quirky and fascinating! It was also the studio where he met and married his wife and business partner Robin Magsino (Poppert). After he took his leave from Shawnimals in 2009, Rhodrick pursued the project Little Brass Bird where his love for plush toys, film and Filipino food were combined into an ultra force bonanza! Together with his wife, they co-manage LBB; a plush toy and film production studio where they produce an animated series featuring their toy designs while spotlighting Chicago guest artists and musicians.