Petri Rantanen


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Petri Rantanen


Petri Rantanen is an emerging artist that exudes a style all his own. He's been inspired by decades of Simpsons episodes, John Kricfalusi toons as well as Heavy Metal and Mad magazines. Petri is an eclectically educated illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer and lifelong artist with skills that run through 3 generations of family artistry.

Recently, Petri has found himself whole-heartedly pursuing the art of portraiture and celebrity caricature. He offers up a whimsical style that is noticeably unique, colorfully vibrant, and infused with the eye-catching qualities of stained glass.

Petri is presently writing and illustrating his premiere children's book and has also been known to randomly surprise people with facebook profile pictures in his own interesting style. He specializes in the creation of art that makes people smile. He also plays ukulele.