NOLA Krewe of Pirate Wenches

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NOLA Krewe of Pirate Wenches


Welcome aboard the New Orleans Krewe of Pirate Wenches!

We are a Piratical social club based in the 300 year old City of New Orleans . The Krewe holds one Wench Event Monthly and celebrates in April with our Annual Shore Leave New Orleans weekend.

We extend a warm welcome to all Piratical & like minded Mate's from near and far to join us when they can. We welcome,Wenches, Pirates, Mates, scallywags, buccuneers of all kinds!! It's NOT just a women's group anymore!!

Founded in August 2007 in New Orleans, Our mission is to bring a taste of the revelrous high seas into the lives of our modern-day pirates and wenches as we eat, drink, and terrorize the town for great causes.

We are dedicated to embracing the history of New Orleans pirates, privateers and Baratarians as we reach out to our community in numerous ways. We parade, promote tourism & support our local establishments & services.

Need a few good pirates and wenches as volunteers for a charitable cause Contact us, Maybe we can help!

Our links & Contact pages will network you to other Krewe sites, festivals & Fairesas well as shopping links to Local NOLA, & from ports stop in & support our friends & Mates!

The New Orleans Krewe of Pirate Wenches is the only year-round Pirate Krewe in the city. We have become an integral part of the New Orleans fabric and hold our city's people and culture foremost in our hearts.

Since 2007 we have volunteered our time and efforts at countless fundraising events, parades, parties, and acts of community piracy. We would love to have you join the Krewe of NOLA Wenches and take part in our escapades.

To join the Krewe send us your e-mail address to:

Laissez les bons temps rouler, mateys! Arrrrr!