Mike Hoffman

(Fantasy Artist)

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Mike Hoffman


A 100% independent artist and publisher, Mike draws and authors his own series of comic books like Minister Sinister, Madame Tarantula and Afrobat, and has recently spun off his mad scientist heroine Octavia into a new series of paperback novels with retro 1960s-styled titles like The Gemini Ring and The Ice Caves.

He also helps produce the retro-Horror magazine Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror in collaboration with British writer/Horror host Jason Crawley AKA The Bloke, which nods to the old Warren mags Creepy and Eerie but also breaks some exciting new ground.

Mike self-publishes many books of collected Fantasy artworks: Odyssey, Oracle, Newspaper Girls and Lost Art: Fossils of the Floppy Age, and he's recently become a one-man animation company via his cartoon DVD Monster University T.V. Special, based on his trio of Monster-Mash styled music albums, which he writes, records and performs. And all that should be enough, but it's not.

You could also add instructional books and DVDs like Secrets of Drawing and Secrets of Fantasy Art, a line of Halloween Greeting cards, Collectible Art cards, Art prints, Portfolios, illustrated Classics like the first trio of novels in Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series, OOAK hand-painted sculptural items like his gruesome Fang and Severed Finger Boxes, and probably some more stuff too.

Widely collected by fans around the globe, there are currently literally thousands of original Hoffman drawings, paintings and comic book pages in the hands of greedy collectors who rarely if ever let go of them.

Mike switches styles and mediums like most people change hats, as displayed during his psychedelic retro-futuristic experimental Phase II period which began in 2007 and intermittently continues today. Whatever new project he does it looks like he's staying interested, and apparently so is his loyal and supportive audience.