Matt Anderson

(Writer - Richie Rich: Rich Rescuel Kung Fu Panda; White Picket Fences; Shrek; Strawberry Shortcake)

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Matt Anderson


Somewhere between the time of being able to properly pronounce 'spaghetti (instead of, pascghetti) and turning five years old, Matt Anderson became a lifelong comic book fan.

Over the next two decades Matt unapologetically collected a wide assortment of comics ranging from Xerox-quality independents to chromium enhanced superheroes. Despite some sporadic downsizing, he remains the (all too) proud owner of a complete run of both DC Comics Justice League Task Force and Extreme Justice.

In 2007, comics ceased being just a hobby and took a legitimate step towards becoming a career when Ape Entertainment published his all-ages sci-fi series, White Picket Fences. Recently, Matt officially joined the Ape staff, where he works as Assistant Editor.

In his rapidly decreasing free time, he can be found writing scripts for the next volume of White Picket Fences, and the forthcoming Kung Fu Panda series. Matt lives in Illinois with his wife, son, and dog all of whom are way more awesome than he probably deserves, and he is endlessly grateful for that.