Marc Fishman

(Co-Founder - Unshaven Comics)

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Marc Fishman


Unshaven Comics, a small Chicago based comic book production studio, was formed in 2008 with the release of its first graphic novel. The March: Crossing Bridges in America was published by Mendoza Publishing Group, and released nationwide both online and in stores. Lifelong friends, graphic designer Marc Alan Fishman (writing, lettering, coloring), illustrator Matt Wright (pencils and inks), and author Kyle Gnepper have since continued to work together to produce independently published original comic books. Marc graduated Indiana University with a BFA in Fine Arts, and a Minor in Creative Writing. In addition to working with Unshaven Comics, Marc is a frequent contributor to, writing articles and assisting in various art chores from time to time. Matt graduated from the American Academy of Art, with a BFA in Illustration. Kyle graduated Indiana University with a BA in English. All three Unshaven Lads live in the south suburbs of Chicago. With the 2010 debut of their anthology series Disposable Razors, Unshaven Comics continues to attend multiple conventions to gain fans and sell their beardy wares.