Ken Branch

(Inker - Dr. Mirage; Aquaman; Azarael; Cable; The Flash; JLA; Superboy; Wonder Woman)

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Ken Branch


Ken Branch a freelancer with over 20 experience. His credits include Inking, Penciling and Painting. He has inked for all the major companies over many different pencilers as Brent Anderson, Travis Charest, Bernard Chang, David Finch, Rags Morales, George Perez, Howard Porter, Paul Pelletier, and many others. As a Painter he has done a wide variety of sports memorabilia, a cover for the CBG and for Topps Card Company's, The All Hand Painted Chicle 2010 sets for Baseball and Football. His most recent work is a 100 page graphic novel, 35 Years: Will You Survive, about five young adults surviving in the Global Warming Crisis.