Judy McDonough

(Author - Deadline)

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Judy McDonough


An Arkansas native, Judy has always been an imaginative person. As a child, she had an imaginary friend who would go on grand adventures with her every day. In school, Judy would, more often than not, get caught day-dreaming during class. After three semesters as a communications major in college, she realized she desired more adventure and purpose in her life, so she made a flash decision and enlisted in the military. She completed U. S. Navy boot camp in 1999 and was stationed in New Orleans where she met and married her husband, Mike, in 2002. They currently live in Houston, TX with their three young boys and two dogs.

Judy has always possessed a love for creative writing, but she was unsure how to go about starting a novel. One day she decided to just sit down and start writing. Six weeks later, thanks to the Disney Channel and DVR to keep the kids occupied, she had a sink full of dirty dishes, a mountain of dirty laundry, and toys everywhere...but she had somehow managed to complete a beautiful 350+ page manuscript with an incredible storyline. After enlisting the help of her husband, mother, and a few close friends for editing and proofreading, her manuscript was polished and ready for submission. Judy quickly learned the true meaning of rejection after being turned down by numerous agents. Finally, Megalodon Entertainment, LLC, a publishing company in New Orleans, LA, offered her a publishing contract which she eagerly accepted. Her first novel, Deadline, will be published and available for purchase in December 2011.