Josh The Ponceman Perry

(Actor - Retarded Policeman; Terri; Pastor Shepherd; Side Effects; American Cowslip)

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Josh The Ponceman Perry


He's a big-time food-lover and maker of many laughs. The Ponceman brings a fresh rush of hilarity to the ever stagnating entertainment world. Ponce delivers the goods with his subtle/sledge-hammer performances, bringing to life characters like the internet sensation Retarded Policeman and DJ Ponce on FuelTV's Sketch show Stupidface. DJ Ponce is a character created for him by his brother Scott Allen Perry and was The Ponceman's first professional acting gig and the Retarded Policeman series has racked up over 100 million views and continues to grow every day.

Josh left his home in Louisiana and moved to California to pursue his passion for acting. One of the hurdles Josh has had to jump... over and over again... is the fact that he has Down Syndrome. Regardless of any disability, Josh will never let anything stop him from following his dreams.

Josh has starred in various Television roles. His turn as 3-Eyed-Dog-Boy on American Misfits is a must see... keep lots of newspaper handy. He recently guest starred on VH1's Free Radioas a libido driven intern named Buttons. He's also found luck on the bigscreen as well. He stars in the touching short filmWundekammer which premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Watch PONCEMAN GOES TO SUNDANCE on the Perry Brothers Vimeo Channel:

Josh landed a supporting role in American Cowslip, starring alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Val Kilmer, Rip Torn, Peter Falk, Diane Ladd, and the legendary Cloris Leachman... she pinched his butt.

The Ponceman can be seen in LOOPER with Joseph Gordon Levitt, Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis, which hits theatre screens in 2012.

Regardless of any close-minded naysayers he may offend along the way, Josh The Ponceman Perry is hell-bent on making with the funny.