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Nicole Marie Jean

Cosplay cosplayer

Nicole Marie Jean

Nicole Marie Jean is a cosplayer, artist, sculptor and designer from San Diego, California. Nicole began her journey into the cosplay and convention world in 2011. It was the previous year that she discovered what cosplay was. Nicole fell in love with the idea of being able to combine her love of comics and art to bring her favorite characters to life. During the past six years she has traveled around the world for a number of events and conventions as both an attendee and a guest. She has judged dozens of contests and has been a part of just as many panels and workshops. Nicole has won numerous awards for her costumes both at conventions and online.


Nicole has created over 100 costumes in the past six years and all are inspired by her favorite characters from comics, movies, books, video games and animes. Nicole is most well-known for her take on Bane from the Dark Knight Rises film, which gave her the nickname throughout the cosplay community as “Lady Bane.”

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