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Joshua Stulman


Joshua Stulman

Joshua H. Stulman is the creator and artist for Israeli Defense Comics, featuring the Jewish Superhero, Magen: The Shield of Israel.

Israeli Defense Comics draws heavy inspiration from the Golden Age comics. The superhero, Magen, which in Hebrew means 'shield, refers to a long line of patriotic superheroes created by Jewish artists including Irv Novick (the Shield), Will Eisner (Uncle Sam), and Jack Kirby/Joe Simon (Captain America).

The stories fuse action and adventure with references to news stories straight from the headlines. Israeli Defense Comics merges entertainment with education to help communicate current events in Israel and Jewish history.

Stulman holds an MFA degree in painting from Pratt Institute, as well as BA degrees in Anthropology and Fine art from Penn State University. In 2010, Stulman co-founded Hadas Gallery, the only Jewish emerging artist gallery in Brooklyn, and currently runs the Brooklyn Art Review. His artwork has been featured in numerous publications including the Jewish Forward, as well as the Jewish Comix Anthology Vol. 1 published by Alternate History Comics.

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