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J.G. Jones

Inker Painter Writer

J.G. Jones

J.G. Jones is a Cover Artist, Painter, Penciller, Inker, and Writer.  He has been nominated for 3 Eisner Awards, as well being credited for his work as Co-Producer for Universal Pictures film version of the graphic novel, WANTED along with Mark Millar.  He has contributed both covers and interior art for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Wildstorm, Dark Horse, Dynamite, BOOM!, Top Cow, Valiant, Defiant, Broadway, and Crusade Comics.

From his earliest days growing up in rural Louisiana, Jones had in mind to be an illustrator.  While attending Louisiana State University, he was diverted to painting, eventually earning a Master of Fine Arts degree at the State University of New York, Albany.  

After several years in New York City, Jones decided to try his hand at his first ambition: comic illustration.  The first professional to see his portfolio was Jim Shooter, who had just launched Defiant Comics.  Shooter hired him on the spot, though some coaxing was need to pry Jones away from his job at The Brooklyn Paper.

In 1999, Jones and writer Devin Grayson introduced the Yelena Belova character in Marvel Knights Black Widow limited series.  He followed that up by designing and drawing the Marvel Boy character with Grant Morrison, before moving on the DC Comics and work on Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia.  

Meanwhile, Jones was also busy as a cover artist, painting the first 18 covers for Brian K. Vaughan's Y: The Last Man, as well as a stint as the cover artist for Wonder Woman.  Cover work included many titles, but he may be best remembered for providing all 52 covers for DC Comics' groundbreaking weekly title, 52

He then co-created Top Cow Comics' breakout sensation, WANTED, with writer Mark Millar, which made it's way to the big screen as a feature film a few years later.  Returning to DC, Jones again worked with Grant Morrison on the epic Final Crisis.   His next interior work was pencilling and inking Brian Azzarello's Before Watchmen:The Comedian.

Jones recently teamed up with Mark Waid to write Strange Fruit for BOOM! Studios, for which  he provided the lushly painted art.  

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