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Al Wiesner

Artist Illustrator Publisher Writer

Al Wiesner

Al Wiesner created Shaloman in 1983 as an inspiration for Jewish children, with the purpose to entertain as well as educate them. Wiesner tested the waters in 1988 by producing three issues of the anthology series, Mark 1 Comics (each containing a short Shaloman story). After its success, Wiesner decided that it was time for a complete book of Shaloman. There are currently forty issues across five volumes. Wiesner serves as the writer, illustrator, colorist, and publisher.

In 2010, Wiesner was honored with the Inkpot award at the San Diego Comic Con. Complete sets of Wiesner’s Shaloman are archived at several libraries including Michigan State University, Ohio State University, Bucknell University, and at Hebrew Union College. He has been recognized in numerous journals and academic literature on Judaism in the comic industry.

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