Gregory Lamberson

(Author/Filmmaker Johnny Gruesome; The Frenzy Cycle; The Jake Helman Files; Slime City; Slime City Massacre)

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Gregory Lamberson


Gregory Lamberson is the author of Medallion Press's occult detective horror series The Jake Helman Files, which began with Personal Demons, winner of the IPPY Gold Medal for Horror, and continues with Desperate Souls, Cosmic Forces, and Tortured Spirits (2012), with several more volumes in the planning stages.

Lamberson is also the author of Medallion's The Frenzy Cycle, which so far includes The Frenzy Way and The Frenzy War, as well as Johnny Gruesome, winner of the IPPY Gold Medal for Horror and Dark Scribe's Best Small Press Chill Readers Choice award. Gruesomealso spawned a rock CD and an award-winning online comic book.

As an independent filmmaker, Lamberson is responsible for the cult horror films Slime City, Undying Love, and Naked Fear. Medallion Movies coproduced his latest film, Slime City Massacre.

Fangoria magazine editor Chris Alexander wrote, Gregory Lamberson is the sort of force that dark fantasy and horror are lucky to have. The multitalented director of both the cult NYC backyard gorefest Slime City and its new sequel/remake Slime City Massacre genuinely loves what he does, expressing his rather unbalancedand that's meant in the most positive way possiblepsyche in as many media as he can get his mitts on.