Greg Capullo, Batman Artist, Joins the Wizard World Comic Con Tour!

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Greg Capullo, Batman Artist, Joins the Wizard World Comic Con Tour!


Spawn; Haunt; Creech; X-Force; Angela+!

Im a professional illustrator who has worked in many areas of commercial art. Here's an overview:

First Comic book works: Gore Shriek, Mars Attacks &
What If--Daredevil Killed Kingpin for Marvel Comics.

First full-time Comic gig: (Following a series of One-Shots)
Marvel Comic's Quasar

Before moving to Image Comics & Todd McFarlane's Spawn,
I penciled 12 issues of X-Force for Marvel Comics.

I began working for Todd McFarlane in 1994. I finished up
the Violator Mini-Series began by Bart Sears.

I also illustrated the Angela Mini-Series written by Neil Gaiman.

I penciled Spawn Issues 16-20, provided layouts (roughs) beginning on Issue 22 before taking on full-time penciling chores beginning with Issue 26. I retired from Spawn at the 100th Issue.

I remained, however, doing several of the covers after that point. I continue to paint cover art for many of the Spawn Trade Paperbacks.

I created and own The Creech--a character that has had two mini-series so far.

I worked on the award winning HBO animated Spawn series as well as several other McFarlane projects including Album art for Korn, Disturbed, Chemical Brothers, etc.

Ive also been working with Blizzard Entertainment, providing paintings for their World of Warcraft Card Series.

These are only some of the highlights of my career. There are many, many more credits--too numerous to mention.