Gerry Kissell

(Creator/Penciler/Colorist - Code Word: Geronimo)

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Gerry Kissell


Though Gerry started out as a comic artist back in 1986, he stepped away from drawing comics for a while, when he signed up to serve as a combat medic in the U.S. ARMY. After the army, Gerry focused more on design and commercial art, working for agencies, and kept doing that type of work for nearly 20 years. However, in 2006, thanks to Tom Waltz, senior writer at IDW and close friend of Gerry's. So, Gerry started doing small jobs for IDW, many were as a favor, and went uncredited. However, the more he did, the more his desire to do comic art started to come back to him. In early 2009 he showed just how serious he was about doing comic art, when he left doing design and commercial art, and started trying to do comic art. His first job was coloring The A-Team: War Stories. He has a natural knack for comic art. He's the Al Williamson of our generation. says Tom Waltz. Ted Adams, CEO of IDW, calls Gerry a beast, when it comes to drawing. Even IDW's Chris Ryall has referred to Gerry as the consummate comic artist that they say doesnt exist anymore.

Since The A-Team comic, Gerry has stayed busy drawing and coloring comics. Early in 2011, Gerry formed Hazmat Studios with his cousin Angie, and fellow comic artist Amin Amat, who has worked with Gerry on many of the same projects, as well as with Matt Anderson and Eric Hutchins (Kung Fu Panda, White Picket Fences and Cut the Rope). This year, through Hazmat, Gerry has headed up and was artist, with Amin, on the Alan Wake graphic novel for Xbox, the motion picture Iron Sky prequel comic series, as well as Vanquish, Tim Kenyon's Endtime and finally Tyler Button's Bayeux. Most recently, Gerry created and was penciler and colorist on IDW's Code Word: Geronimo, which is expected to be one of the biggest books of 2011.

Gerry's dream team at Hazmat Studios has many projects lined up for the next year, including SLEEPERS: INCEPTION, a sci-fi military action graphic novel that will be ready for readers in early 2012, as well as another original called Detective Nobody.