Eroll See

(Penciler - Justin Time & Jenny Power; Saint; Volt; Borderwall; Within the Capstone; CCP COMICS)

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Eroll See


Eroll See is an inspiring comic book artist, currently working

with CCP Comics on his creator own project, Volt. Eroll See

has completed many covers for CCP Comics, three complete

comics, story boarding for a video game company, and in

2009 worked on the set of Machete the movie doing concept

art for images that can be found through the movie. Eroll

has released two sketch-books that can be purchased at

any Wizard World conventions across the US. Eroll is a hard

working penciler, known for his detail and fast turn around.

Working as hard as he can with playing an important roll

in being a father and loving husband as well as working a

full time job, Eroll is trying to do as much work as he can to

make this hobby/ dream of drawing and creating comics a

professional career in the comic book industry. You can find
most of Eroll See's work on FaceBook and the CCP Comics website.