Eric J. Limas


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Eric J. Limas


Eric is a freelance artists from Lockhart, Texas the barbecue capital of Texas. He works with many mediums to produce his workL oil, acrylic, gouche, inkwash, and digital. Currently Eric is working collaboratively with fellow creator, Jeff Meuth. Both Eric and Jeff have recently joined forces with Texas fastest growing publishing company CCP Comics. It's an exciting year of art production and new endeavors. Eric's early influences were comic greats like Jim Lee, Alex Ross, and Greg Capullo. As an early teen Eric spent most of his time locked away drawing in his room aspiring to one day work in the comic industry. There were breaks throughout high school, but while attending his first year of college Eric begin to pencil again. In 2003 one workshop with planted new ideas and resources that set a new path for him. Over the last ten years Eric has been fortunate to continue his growth in artwork and is determined to always build on what he can create