Dirk Strangely

(Artist - Darkened Bedtime Stories for Children; Graveyard Girl; Jim Henson's: The Legends of the Dark Crystal; Shakin Shakespear; Through the Darker & Much More Peculiar Looking Glass; Zombooz A-Z; The Little Girl Who Loves Pink)

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Dirk Strangely is a naturally gifted published upcoming artist; his dark yet beautiful work has a sense of feeling all of its own, drawing people into it. Dirk has an ability to take the bizarre and make his storys and illustrations beautiful and appealing to the eye. Dirk is the creator of Through the Darker and Much More Peculiar Looking Glass and is known for his newest published graphic novel entitled Dirk Strangely's Graveyard Girl as well as his dark children's book entitled, Myrtles Broken Turtle and for his contribution to Jim Henson's Legends of the Dark Crystal. He is also in the galleries in Downtown Disney at Pop Gallery and Hoypoloi. He has also freelanced many unique designs for clothing apparel, unique vinyl toys, and album covers.

Dirk is a conceptual designer and very unique fine artist and writer of horror, fantasy, and has a great sense of comical lightheartedness to his usual odd dark subject matter. Dirk is currently published through Red Stylo Media, STG Publishing, Tokyopop, and has been published in mainstream magazines along with newspapers across the United States praising his work. Dirk is not just a visual artist but is also involved in several projects with film allowing him to incorporate not just his fine art and unique storytelling, but, his talent of digital art, sculptures, puppetry, and writing. He is also a classically trained jazz and blues musician and is well versed with many instruments.