Dan Cassity

(Digital Penciler/Inker - loopandhoodie.com)

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Dan Cassity


Dan Cassity is an Active Duty member of the Air Force. He lives in Illinois with his wife, his daughter, and his two sons. He has four pair of pants, two pair of shoes, and 12,000 comics. He is currently the digital penciller/inker on loopandhoodie.com, a weekly web comic. Some of his favorite artists are Mike Wieringo, Joe Mad, Chris Bachalo, Sean Galloway, and J. Scott Campbell. He is an avid fan of podcasting, old time radio, and World of Warcraft.

Dan enjoys hanging out with his family, long walks thru Best Buy, casual reading, and drinking Mountain Dew. His life-long goal is to be an animator and to own a comic book store. His favorite quote is Excelsior because Stan Lee helped build the foundation of our comic industry!

Dan's latest artwork can always be found at www.dancassity.com.