Claudio Aboy

(Illustrator - Heavy Metal; DC Comics; SQP; Marilyn)

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Claudio Aboy is an Argentine illustrator who from his country works with different foreign editorials. He is equally competent with traditional techniques (oil, acrylic, airbrush) as well as digitals. He makes complete illustrations for Heavy Metal, DC comics, SQP and in Europe for Bastei (Germany) Lansiostory (Italy) among others.

His oil painting are much required in the market of private collectors , where he sells his own creations or commissioned artworks, related to comics, pin up and phantasy.

In another realm, as a great admirer of Marilyn, he is one of the illustrators who has portrayed her more often and he is considered a specialist. His paintings have been published as covers, posters and memorial books.

Since he worked as an illustration professor during several years in one of the most renowned drawing schools of Buenos Aires, he has developed the habit of describing without limitations his working techniques, which he enjoys very much when he exhibits them in chats and in brief courses.