Simon Fraser

(Artist - Doctor Who the Eleventh Doctor; 2000AD; Judge Dredd; Nikolai Dante; Lilly Mackenzie & the Mines of Charybdis)

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Simon Fraser is a widely traveled Scots comic artist, best known for his work in the British sci-fi weekly 2000AD where he has drawn Judge Dredd and co-created the Eagle Award winning Nikolai Dante. He runs the celebrated New York based Webcomics collective His creator-owned hard sci-fi webcomic 'Lilly Mackenzie & the Mines of Charybdis' debuted online and has since been published in the Judge Dredd Megazine. Simon is currently working on the sequel' Lilly Mackenzie & The Treasure of Paros' and is the regular artist on The 11th Doctor Who Comic from Titan Comics. He lives and works in Brooklyn New York.